Equilux – Truth or Deception?

Detecting the Equi-LUX Deception

Why consider Equi-LUX?

  • May have rightly mentioned a concern about studying any counterfeit calendars.
  • Wouldn’t it be better to just study the true Eternal Calendar?

Yes! But….

  • The reason this study is being presented today is because a thorough Eternal Calendar study on the tequfah has already been done!

That means:

  • Tequfah is understood to align with the equinox, not equi-LUX.

One True Calendar – Many Counterfeits

  • There is ever only just one truth for anything in the Scriptures including one True Eternal Calendar.
  • However, there are many counterfeit calendars that must be proven false by a comparison to the only true calendar.
  • This study is meant to give you some tools so you don’t have to find them yourself – over years of study.

Over the years Eternal Calendar has been challenged by many different counterfeit calendars including:

  1. Lunar Calendars
  2. Solar Calendars
  3. Luni-Solar Calendars
  4. Lunar Sabbath Calendars
  5. Barley Calendars
  6. Enoch/Zadok Calendars, etc.

It used to be they basically all used the equinox as their tequfah. Not any more!

Why not?

Who wears the Calendar Tool Belt?

Eternal Calendar has the:

Melchizedek Priesthood – the order after our Righteous King from the beginning (originally based on earth as it is in the heavenly sanctuary Matt 6:10)

  • Based in Torah

Counterfeit Calendars have:

And OLD Priesthood (originally based on Paganism including the Priesthood of the Sanhedrin)

  • Based in non-Torah Books and Pagan Traditions.

Personal Calendar Tool Belt

Off to tackle the task of Equi-LUX!

Along with your Scriptures and Melchizedek Priest, you need:

  1. Dictionary tools
  2. Basic Computer Skills
  3. Basic Research Skills
  4. Understanding of commencement for the day and month
  5. Understanding of twilights
  6. Logic and Common Sense
  7. Understanding of year-start
  8. Brain-storming; ask questions

Many Options for Calendar Year-Start

Equinox –

  • Equinox and 1st new moon AFTER equinox
  • Equinox and new moon CLOSEST to equinox
  • Equinox and Abib of Barley AFTER equinox
  • Equinox and 1st day of calendar AFTER shadow sign (e.g. Eternal Calendar of YaHuWaH – also Enoch Calendar!)


  • equi-LUX and 1st new moon AFTER equi-LUX
  • equi-LUX and 1st new moon CLOSEST to equi-LUX
  • equi-LUX and Abib of Barley
  • and this: Altitude has something to do with when the day begins?

Eternal Calendar and Enoch Calendar are not nearly the same!

The Calendar Challenge

  • Most calendars historically used to always calculate the feast dates from the vernal equinox.
  • No one ever heard of an equi-LUX!
  • With the abundance and variety of new feast calendars flooding this area, equi-LUX is beginning to bloom! Why?
  • Maybe it has something to do with the Enoch Calendar – the closest counterfeit to YaHuWaH’s Eternal Calendar today.
  • Guess what? The Enoch calendar uses equinox!

Examination of 6 Mystery Questions

To examine the equi-LUX problem is a huge study so only 6 mystery areas will be examined today.

  1. Constantine gets the blame
  2. Confusing Calendars
  3. Equi-LUX Disunity
  4. Hebrew Evening Definition
  5. Looking to the Sun!
  6. Mystery Question from YaHuWaH

Problem #1

Constantine’s Quote

  • Constantine’s decision on change of calendar
  • Council of Nicea 325 AD supported by ecclesiastical influences from:
  • The Papal church Pope Sylvester I (314 – 335 AD)
  • Hillel II (Pres. of the Sanhedrin)

Why the Change to Equi-LUX

  • The claim is made by a lot of feast keepers (that used to go by the equinox) that is was Constantine who changed things at his infamous Council of Nicea in 325 AD. It is believed the March 20-21 date was set as the Vernal Equinox by the papal council to prevent Passover and Easter from ever falling on the same day [which in 2018 it does, even when using the March 17 equi-LUX that is now being wrongfully names as Tequfah]! How did this happen?

Constantine and Council of Nicea

  • “In 325 AD the Council of Nicea established that Easter would be held on the first Sunday AFTER the first full moon occurring on, or after, the Vernal Equinox. From that point forward, the Easter date DEPENDED on the ecclesiastical approximation of March 21 for the Vernal Equinox. Easter is delayed by 1 week if the full moon is on Sunday, which decreases the changes of it [Easter] falling on the same day as the Jewish Passover. The council’s ruling is contrary to the Quartodecimans (14th day keepers – a term which referred to people keeping the 14th day, which is Passover), a group of Christians who celebrated [Passover] on the day of the full moon, 14 days into the month.” Source: “Calculating the Easter Date” – timeanddate.com

Many Calendars use Constantine’s Quote to Establish their own Calendar..












Is the Mazzaroth pagan because of the horoscope?

Barley and Constantine Quote












Lunar Sabbath and Constantine Quote











What is a Pagan Saturday?

Roman Calendar History:

  1. Originally the early Roman calendar (of 63 BC had 355 days per year) was reformed to the Julian calendar (46 BC had 365 days per year) retaining 8 days per week (for year after 46 BC). Each week day was assigned a letter A to H.
  2. As Rome expanded, it came into contact with Mithraism which quickly became the popular religious cult in Rome.
  3. Mithraism brought Rome the seven-day week with days named after their planetary gods.
  4. A Roman seven day week can be traced to Caesar Augustus. He died in 14 AD.
  5. Yahusha’s ministry would have been during Rome’s 7 day week.

Rome’s 8 Day Week Reduced










  • This is a stick calendar that was found at the Baths of Titus, built in Rome about 79-81 AD.
  • The 8 day week of Rome was gradually replaced with the 7 day week.
  • Over time the 8 day week lost all of its appeal.
  • Why would this happen?
  • Will history bear out the reason?

The 8 day week did not last long.















History of the Pagan Sunday

Mithraism and Christianism

  • The popular worship of Mithra [the ‘Invincible Sun-god’] became so pre-eminent in the Roman Empire in the days of Constantine, that he decreed ‘The Venerable Day of the Sun’ to be the weekly rest day of the Empire [321 AD].

One authority points out the influence of Mithraism on Christianity, saying:

  • “It [Mithraism] had so much acceptance that it was able to impose on the Christian world its own Sun-day in place of the Sabbath, its Sun’s birthday, 25th December, as the birthday of Jesus.” – G. Murray, Christianity in the Light of Modern Knowledge, p. 73, 74.
  • Still another author confirms: “The early Christians had at first adopted the Jewish seven-day week, with its numbered week days, but by the close of the third century AD this began to give way to the planetary week; and in the fourth and fifth centuries the pagan designations became generally accepted in the western half of Christendom.
  • “… During these same centuries the spread of Oriental solar worships, especially that of Mithra, in the Roman world, had already led to the substitution by the pagan of dies Solis (Sun-day) for dies Saturni (Saturday), as the first day of the planetary week … Thus gradually a pagan institution was engrafted on Christianity.” – Hutton Webster, Rest Days, p. 220, 221.

Lunar Sabbath; Constantine and Hillel II

  • Because Hillel II (Pres. of the Sanhedrin) was working with Constantine at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, eventually his suggestion was accepted to provide a regular worship day/week for the Jews without persecution. He arbitrarily chose ‘Saturday’ as the 7th weekly day of worship for the Jews – the requirement being only 1 day in 7 needs to be set aside for worship according to the Talmud – no matter what day it is.
  • By this time, Saturday had been moved to the 7th day position of the week, granting Sunday the position of the 1st day of the week … a very unique move! Why?
  • Sunday did not exist in the eight day Julian week. Sunday now becomes the day on which Yahusha arose from the dead – thus being declared Rome’s weekly Sabbath to celebrate the resurrection.

Sun and Saturn Positions Rearranged












Pagan Saturday Claims

  1. Because of the history between Mithraism (7 day week) and Rome (originally an 8 day week) the Lunar Sabbatarians claim the true weekly Sabbath has been completely lost.
  2. They claim that Hillel II’s calendar is a counterfeit especially because he randomly chose ‘Saturday’ (a rather new invention) as the weekly Sabbath – which is still in alignment with the Talmud (honouring at least one weekly day for rest in 7).
  3. Therefore, the Lunar Sabbath is to be honoured as it has not been tainted by Constantine, Hillel II, nor other forms of paganism and Christianity.
  4. Lunar Sabbatarians claim the Lunar Sabbath was set at creation week; and that the weekly Roman Saturday can never be trusted as YaHuWaH’s weekly Sabbath.















Lunar Sabbatarians do not trust the Rabbis to determine the 7th day Sabbath and neither should you!
















There is a Solution!

We, along with the Lunar Sabbath keepers, need to do a careful Scripture study on the Exodus 16 Quail, Dawid and Jonathan, the moon, and the Passion Account in the four Gospels.

Don’t forget the historical account of the Waldenses!

Rome’s Easter vs the Passover













What About Rome’s Easter?

  • Easter is not the replacement for Passover – but the counterfeit for the Sabbath resurrection.
  • However, Rome’s Easter is always on the same ‘cycle of the week’ as the Scriptural Firstfruits.
  • Easter was always to be dated the Sunday after the Jewish Passover. 20% of the time, Easter is before the Jewish Passover.
  • If Easter represents ‘ascension’ how can it be celebrated before the Passover? It can’t be!
  • That’s why Rome always has her ‘passover’ on what is called ‘Good Friday’.

“THE” Next Question

  • Because the Council of Nicea set the equinox mat March 20-21, many are now saying equinox is pagan.
  • Why?
  • Occasionally equinox does occur on March 19th.

Can Rome mark the true equinox as being pagan?

Definitions of Equi-LUX














  • The equi-LUX does not occur at one single calculated moment for every place around the world at the same time.
  • According to ‘man’s definition’ equi-LUX is a relative mathematically calculated (mean hour analysis) identification of a day when man says the hours of the light and hours of night are approximately equal.
  • ‘Man’ defines these daylight hours as only – from sunrise to sunset – in any particular location of the world.











  • Equi-LUX is highly dependent on the refraction of light on the surface of the earth.
  • The equator is the ONE place where ‘equinox’ and ‘equi-LUX’ occur at the same time.
  • Calculation of equi-LUX: one must have a computer.
  • Equi-LUX calendation presents a calendar of confusion.
  • Equi-LUX calendation has been subtly influenced by Rabbinic tradition to relocate Passover much earlier.

Equi-LUX Calendars are man’s inventions – not YaHuWaH’s design.

Equinox Information for 2018

Equinox occurred on

  • March 20/18 at
  • 615 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

By Divine Design, this happened at the same time all over the world.















Problem #2

Confusing Calendars!

There has always been many counterfeit feast calendars.

In recent years this problem has escalated an incredible amount.

Now, many are changing their calendars that were based on ‘equinox’ over to ‘equi-LUX’ timing.

What is going on?

























































The Calendar Challenge

Next we are going to examine several different feast calendars searching for unit.

  1. Yahweh’s Assembly in Yahshua (2018 & 2013) (Kingdom City, MO)
  2. Yahweh’s Restoration Calendar 2018 (Holts Summit, MO)
  3. Lighted Way Ministries 2018 (Roseburg, Oregon)
  4. Bible Explorations Calendar 2018 (Terra Bella, California)

Will there be unity?




























































































































































Problem #3

Equi-LUX Disunity

  1. Many former equinox calendars are being changed to equi-LUX
  2. These are calendars from well-known feast camps.
  3. Most of these feast calendars use the moon month.
  4. Calculating the year-start becomes even more difficult if:
  • The new moon is just prior to equi-LUX;
  • There are 2 new moons in the month.

The calendars just observed were all USA.

Let’s check further…



































































































Problem #4

Poor Bible Study of the word ‘evening’

A simple study in the Scriptures will detect the counterfeit and deal with it effectively. There needs to be a proper study of the terms:

  1. ‘evening’ and ‘morning’

This will give a good understanding for the twilights, showing that the Scriptural definition for these twilights places this part of the 24 hour cycle ‘with’ the Light Season.

  1. When ‘twilights’ are counted as part of the Light Season, equi-LUX no longer aligns with a single thing in Scripture.
  2. If equi-LUX was really about equal DAY and equal NIGHT, there would be no problem.
  3. But, equi-LUX completely revolves around looking at the sun above the horizon!

Equi-LUX / Twilight Problem

  • Equi-LUX bases the calculations of equal day and equal night according to sunrise and sunset in each individual location with huge variances!!
  • Equi-LUX does not take into consideration the fact that both ‘dawn and dusk twilights’ are part of the ‘light’ belonging to the Light Season.
  • Therefore: the equal calculation of time for ‘sunrise to sunset’ is not identical to the calculation for the ‘beginning of dawn twilight to ending of dusk twilight’ according to YaHuWaH.











































There has to be an answer to this dilemma somewhere?!


If equi-LUX is not an equal Light Season and Night Season, then can’t we just find the ‘date’ that really is a true equal light and night and call THAT day equi-LUX?

The search has been done. One must use a computer.

There’s not one date that qualifies anywhere on the calendar for a true equi-LUX when using twilights!

Four random places were chosen to search out a true ‘equal light and night’ close to the equinox. Here are the results:

  • Inuvik was the only place that was close to equal day/night with time of: 806 AM and 808 PM on Jan 22/23 (2018).
  • Jerusalem: closest ties were in Dec 2017, all times were an hour difference between Day/Night Season.
  • Cape Town, South Africa: Same results as Jerusalem.
  • Panama: Nothing close to equal day/night.
  • Salem, Ore: had 600 AM and 620 PM dated Dec 21/17.

Problem #5

Looking to the sun!

Deu 17:2  “When there is found in your midst, …  

Deu 17:3  and has gone and served other mighty ones and bowed down to them, or to the sun or to the moon or to any of the host of the heavens, which I have not commanded,

Deu 4:19  and lest you lift up your eyes to the heavens, and shall see the sun, and the moon, and the stars – all the host of the heavens – and you be drawn away into bowing down to them and serving them … [THEN] …

The penalty was death for linking worship times with the created lights in the sky.

Eternal Calendar observes the ‘light’ not the object that provides the light.

“THE” Equinox Accusation

This accusation comes in the form of a question for Eternal Calendar.

Would it be sun worship to look to the sun for equinox?

Answer: That’s the wrong question! Why?

Check out your shadow! You will have your back to the sun, not your face!

Equinox Components:

  1. Mazzaroth
  2. Sun (provides the light)
  3. Light (provides the shadow)
  4. Earth (receives the shadow)

“THE” Next Question

How does one determine the equi-LUX?

By looking to the SUN-rise and SUN-set to determine what is supposed to be equal day and equal night!

Could that be considered as sacred regard for the sun, or sun worship?

Definition of Equinox YaHuWaH’s Way

  • The vernal equinox [tequfah H8622] is one 24 hour cycle for the whole world.
  • This is at the exact time when the celestial equator intersects the sun’s ecliptic path in the heavens. These are two fixed points of authority.
  • The earth received the ‘light’ – the ‘light’ casts the shadow to determine the equinox day.
  • The equinox can be physically observed by plotting the shadow of the sun – the Scriptural observation requirement.
  • On equinox day, the shadow does not turn, nor arc (James 1:17).












  • The equinox is calculated by the perfect movement of the heavenly lights of the Mazzaroth and the sun.
  • This is by Divine Design.
  • The moon has no involvement in the equinox (or equi-LUX) timing.

There should be no question about the equinox authority!

The equinox is the ‘day’ that YaHuWaH placed in the physics of creation which witnesses that the actual great change from the old year to the new year is in process.

Abib 1 follows the day of no shadow or no shadow arc.

Equinox: Ancient Civilizations













  • Tequfah [H8622] is properly understood in harmony with the instructions of Moses who was ‘…learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians…’ (Acts 7:22).
  • The Egyptians were will-advanced in equinox calculation constructing pyramids to depict this moment.
  • Ancient civilizations can’t do one thing to alter the equinox.
  • This moment has ever been orchestrated by YaHuWaH.

Pagan History and Equinox

Did the pagans use equinox to calculate their feast days to worship their pagan gods?

  • Absolutely! The pagan feasts always counterfeited YaHuWaH’s feasts.
  • Equinox was a reliable calculation every year.
  • There would have been no reason to consider equi-LUX.
  • Just because the pagans could accurately calculate the equinox, does that make the equinox ‘pagan’? NO!
















































































































Problem #6












The Sanctuary!

  • There is a special design for the sanctuary that needs consideration.
  • Will the sanctuary have the last word on what to do with the equinox?
  • Will the sanctuary declare ‘equinox’ as divine, or as a pagan counterfeit?







































































Sanctuary: YaHuWaH’s Design

1st Question: If the equinox is purely a pagan invention, then why did YaHuWaH insist His sanctuary be constructed to receive the ‘light’ directly into the Most Set-Apart Place on the day of equinox?

2nd Question: Or, was this YaHuWaH’s simple and perfect design for His people to declare His year-start (the day after the equinox) without having to look to the moon or to the sun?

The Conclusion of the Matter

  • Ecc 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the entire matter: Fear Elohim and guard His commands, for this applies to all mankind! [Even His Torah commands for Eternal Calendar.]
  • Pro 25:2 It is the esteem of Elohim to hide a matter, And the esteem of sovereigns to search out a matter.
  • Luk 12:2 “And whatever is concealed shall be revealed, and whatever is hidden shall be known.

A Thought to Ponder

  • The points of YaHuWaH’s Eternal Calendar which are to be presented to others must be rooted in His Word. It is important, in defending this marvelous teaching that everything be considered.
  • We should never consider arguments that are not wholly sound because while they may silence the accuser, they do not uphold the truth of YaHuWaH’s Eternal Calendar.
  • Scriptural arguments must be presented that will not only silence every opponent, but will also bear the closest and most searching scrutiny. Every calendar is thus accountable.

Equi-LUX has too much variance to qualify for YaHuWaH’s plan for year-start.

The definition of the word ‘evening’ is the cornerstone for unraveling the equi-LUX confusion.

Equi-LUX is a whirlwind of confusion which can only be exposed by a proper study of YaHuWaH’s Eternal Calendar.

  • Eph 5:8 For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Master. Walk as children of light –
  • Eph 5:11 And have no fellowship with the fruitless works of darkness, but rather reprove them.
  • 1 Co 14:40 Let all be done decently and in order.

All Problems are Solved by Looking into YaHuWaH’s Word

So far, YaHuWaH’s Eternal Calendar detects all the counterfeits and solves every Calendar problem!

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rYm Covenant

To the Torah and to the witness! If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because they have no daybreak [light]. Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 8:20


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