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  1. How do we know that what we call Saturday in the Gregorian calendar is really the 7th day of the week in the Scriptural Eternal Calendar?
  2. Should we count the 7th day from the beginning of each Biblical year?
  3. Are the Enoch/Zadok/Qumran Scrolls/Essene Calendars scriptural?


Please see the slides #32B Enoch Scripture’s Passover-8 at the end of this article. It is a “short answer” to your question.


All the information that we have found (to date) is mostly in the Joshua studies. We recommend:

  1. 16 Joshua & Wave Sheaf Pt 163 & 2.17 Joshua & Wave Sheaf Pt 285 CF 15 Nov 2019 … shows how Enoch/Essene is not correct according to Joshua’s Torah understanding. This is a 2-part series.
  2. Joshua’s Sickle is a 6-part series and we will be adding to it when we get time. These are all in Series 2 as well as: (the Zadok calendar slides are where we were working from … but Essene and Enoch are all about the same)
  3. 14 The Sickle Exposes Enoch Pt 1 95
  4. 15 Song of Joshua’s Sickle Pt 2 59
  1. 20 Song of Joshua’s Sickle Pt 4 99

– this is the Feast of Weeks count and definitely shows that the dead sea scroll calendars are counterfeit. The review at the beginning is basically from a lot of information from the previous 3 studies.

  1. 24 Joshua’s Sickle Pt 5 unclean 56 … the issue of Yahusha being UNCLEAN
  2. 25 Joshua’s Sickle Pt 6 Passion 87 slides TA CF … the gospels debunk Enoch/Essene/Zadok calendars.
  3. 12 The Equilux Deception 97 CF 27 Apr 2018 … The Equilux Deception – shows the deceptions of the lunar Sabbath – all linking to Constantine’s action and the changes that were happening in the Roman calendar, and the Jewish calendar – and how the Hillel II calendar came about. It is not all the history, but it gives a good start.
  4. 15 The Crucifixion According to John 93 TA … Season 1: The Crucifixion According to John shows the proper placement of the Sabbath in Yah’s passion week, and simple counting will show where the first day of the year began – on a Thursday. Thursday was NOT the 1st day of the week then. There are many that observe these dead sea scroll calendars that use the first day after the equinox as their FIRST day of the week, and then start to count their Sabbaths from that point forward.


Now, having said that, the study on the Passion Footprints from the gospels is going to put an end to that notion once and for all when we get to producing that study, that will likely be about 15-20 PowerPoint teachings – a huge series. In fact, that series will put an end to every counterfeit calendar. We just have not had time to put that study together yet – it will be 1000’s of slides. So, if one reviews the OT studies and knows the calendar from Torah, that is the basis for the only true calendar that we will find -without any problem- in the gospels. We have already found it … just have not presented it yet. YaHuWaH knows the right time for this to be presented.


Q: How do we know that Saturday on the Gregorian calendar is indeed the weekly Shabbat?

A: Yes, that pagan Saturday is the real 7th day of the Creation week. This is easily identified by the crucifixion, and all the secular historical documents that align with Eterma; Calendar – amazing as it may seem.


Yahusha resurrected on the weekly Sabbath … Wednesday was the middle day of the week that year – that would be counting from Sunday – even though it was a Julian calendar. There is not much change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar except for in 1582 they dropped 8 days from October to get the seasons back on track. But they did not change any days of the week. I think they dropped the 10 days on a Thursday, and the next day was Friday. To get the calendar back in sync with astronomical events like the vernal equinox or the winter solstice, a number of days were dropped. The papal bull issued by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, decreed that 10 days be dropped when switching to the Gregorian Calendar. From Julian to Gregorian Calendar – Time and Date.


What happened to the calendar in 1582?

In 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII introduced his Gregorian calendar, Europe adhered to the Julian calendar, first implemented by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C. Since the Roman emperor’s system miscalculated the length of the solar year by 11 minutes, the calendar had since fallen out of sync with the seasons.


This information is quite easy to locate on the internet. There are excellent resources, but if one really wants to find the true weekly Sabbath, the Torah and the Gospels are the foundational truth. One cannot find the truth in just the historical records, as there are all kinds of records that say all kinds of things. We must use discernment, logic, and scriptural hermeneutics to choose which records align with what scripture (and Eternal Calendar) teaches, NOT what aligns with the DEAD sea scrolls. Maybe they are called DEAD sea scrolls for a reason.


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