Just two words are the first recorded spoken words of Scripture. They are found in the third verse of Torah (Gen.1:3), and commences the creation of this awe-inspiring universe in which we have the privilege to LIVE.

Worldly learned men who reject Scripture as being the Authority on the subject, love to theorize and speculate about the origin of it all. They came up with a “Big Bang” where nothing blew up and became everything that is. Such “faith”!

However, Scripture simply explains that there was a bursting forth of LIGHT (pure energy) emanating from the inside of the Eternal Spirit-being in verbal form! He spoke LIGHT from out of Himself. Isn’t that so much more believable than the theories of men?

These first two spoken words that are recorded in Scripture are most interesting and extremely significant. Not only do they commence the first day of creation, but also set the tone for what Scripture is all about – how man should live the LIFE that was breathed into him. This breathing in of LIFE into man was the crowning touch culminating six days of magnificent creative work.

How Words Begin:

Words cannot be spoken without breath coming from within the speaker. The LIGHT that sustains the LIFE of man was originally breathed out of the Eternal Being in the form of those initial spoken words. In exactly the same way He breathed His LIFE into Adam (Man), Gen.2:7. Thus Scripture infers that His LIGHT and His LIFE are synonymous.

The Ruach (Spirit) is the very Breath of the Eternal, All-powerful One. Before He spoke those two powerful words that started it all, we read in Genesis 1:2 that the Almighty Creator’s Ruach (Spirit or Breath) was brooding or hovering over the waters. Now that is interesting! We know that biological life needs two elements in order to continue living – LIGHT and WATER. The first two words were spoken over the dark depths of lifeless water.

Only then, after He spoke, did the Life-Giver begin His work. Firstly on days 1 & 2, He created the perfect enclosed environment to support and sustain life in all its forms and amazing diversity. Secondly on day 3 He created the plant life with seed to reproduce after its own kind, for food. Thirdly on day 4, He created the stars, sun and moon within the firmament of heaven for the cycles of day and night, months, seasons and years.

Fourthly on day 5 He created the animal life in the sea and in the air. Fifthly, on day 6, the last day of creation, He concentrated on the earth. First He made the animals and creeping creatures. When it was all done, He made man in His own image so that He could have an intimate relationship with him.

The highest form of created life – Man, was also the creature with whom the Creator communicated through the medium of spoken words. Relationship is built and sustained through spoken words. What a tremendous gift!  – the ability to not only speak to our Creator at any time we choose (choice is also a gift), but to also “hear” from Him as we think upon, study and contemplate His most intimate thoughts about us. These thoughts He arranged to be recorded in the form of written words – something both tangible that can be accessed by our physical senses, and spiritual so that they can be absorbed by our spirits as life-giving nutrition for the total being – spirit, soul and body.

Wow! Words escape me as I try to grasp the unthinkable – that the Infinite Eternal One bridged the great abyss to the finite (us) with words that we have the choice to either accept or reject. What is even more mind-blowing is that He somehow compressed His Words into a Single Word. That WORD became flesh and lived among us as the LIGHT of the world.

This “Word-Man” said:

The words I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life. (John 6:63)

In this series of short essays we will further meditate on our Creator’s first recorded spoken words and explore how Torah and the rest of Scripture expands on them.

We will be doing it, not for the intellectual exercise, but to really try to understand and earnestly seek for what our Creator requires of us whom He created with the ability to think for ourselves. We will be exploring the age-old questions such as:

Why did He create us in the first place?

What exactly is His purpose for us?

If we do not fulfill this purpose, what will the consequences be?

I invite you to take this exciting journey with me.


From the pen of our beloved brother Johan Moller from South Africa.

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To the Torah and to the witness! If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because they have no daybreak [light]. Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 8:20


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