Noah – YaHuWaH’s Chosen Captain

Question: Why did YaHuWaH’s Ark NOT need a Periscope?

Which Calendar guided Noah’s Ark?

  • Who was the actual Captain of the Ark?
  • Was Noah in charge of the Ark itself?
  • Or, was Noah only in charge of the animals within the Ark?
  • Ultimately, who was in charge of guiding the Ark’s paths throughout the raging waters?
  • Will this episode of turbulence on the earth expose the true calendar of El Shaddai (The Almighty)?

Who was Guiding the Ark?

YaHuWaH was Guiding Commander of the Ark.

Gen 8:1  And Elohim remembered Noah, and all the beasts and all the cattle that were with him in the ark. And Elohim made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters subsided.

Do you think it would be wise to consider the time frames recorded in the Scriptures while searching out the calendar topic?

Let’s look at the timeline from start to finish of this watery trial for Noah and his offspring. The highly accurate details were recorded for our advantage. We need to KNOW them!

A Solar Oriented Calendar?

Other articles have delved into the lunar-based aspect of examining the flood account. There has been a solid record of non-alignment with the Scriptures in these attempts to correlate the flood account with a lunar-based calendar.

Taking the cue from prophetic time and hundreds of hours of study on the solar light-based Eternal Calendar, we will be examining the Tequfah based calendar. We will be comparing the lunar-based systems after viewing the Scriptural documentation.

The solar light-based Eternal Calendar uses the tequfah (vernal equinox) to start YaHuWaH’s year as recorded in the Scriptures. It also incorporates a strict 30 cycle (day) month. Nothing less, nothing more.


Did Mosheh add a single day onto, or after, each quarter?

Have the Scriptures revealed this as YaHuWaH’s instruction?

Exactly what event is it that the Scriptures record as occurring on the 16th cycle of the 7th month?

What is so important about the 16th cycle of the 7th month?

What intricate details make the 16th cycle so important?

Before we go further, there are some extremely pertinent questions to ask. Please pay attention to the very specific wording of each one.


  1. Was it possible for the ark to touch down upon any other day prior to the 151st day on the 7th month?

Yes, I am being very specific in asking this question, and for very good reason!

  1. If we as humans claim that the ark touched down on hard ground AFTER THE 151ST DAY on the 7th month, are we then denying the Word of YaHuWaH and blaspheming our Creator?

Yes, sadly there are extremely specific reasons for asking each of those questions. You may want to read them again.

We will be addressing each question.

What calendar do you follow?

Let’s continue to discover what calendar Noah was on!

YaHuWaH’s Concerted EffortWhen?

The End of the 150 days!

  • Not nearing the END. Not close to the END, but AT THE END!
  • The waters fulfilled the complete 150 days on the earth!

Do we understand the serious difference in these words for their importance?

H7725 Shuwb – Strong’sgenerally to retreat – shows a lengthy process over many weeks.

H2637 Chacer – to be devoid – reveals YaHuWaH’s direct intense action effort at the end of the final 150th cycle!

Let’s remember the difference as we continue.

We will now view the acclaimed “Hebrew Calendar.”

Seems that the Lunar Calendar has a serious Periscope Problem! Noah did not receive instruction to build a Periscope! Neither did Mosheh follow a Lunar Calendar!

7th Month Lunar Drifting

Another Lunar Based Problem;

If indeed the Ark rested on the 17th day of Tishri (the 7th month), then the 150 days of water on the earth (Gen 8:3) was not fulfilled according to documentation.

Question: If indeed Noah was sailing according to a lunar-based guide, was he then –


Answer! YaHuWaH’s Ark did not need a Periscope because Noah was on the Eternal Calendar!

Does the Enoch Calendar have a better solution? Let’s consider Enoch’s Solar Calendar.

What about the “Quarterly Drifters”

Do you recall at the beginning of this article your attention was brought to the concept of adding one “marker” day after each quarter? {Enoch’s “Seasonal Markers”!}

Noah was permitted to be the captain inside the Ark.YaHuWaH was The Captain for outside the Ark.

By discerning the Ultimate Captain’s course we will understand His Eternal Calendar.

Did YaHuWaH add quarterly markers after each quarter in the year?

Where do we find this instruction in the Scriptures?

“More Per Quarter”???

Secular history documentation supports the concept that the early days were changed from 360 to 365+ days.

There is some controversy if the secular history records of 30 credible civilizations are not considered.

People who choose to elevate the book of Enoch (above the Scriptures) tell us that Enoch wrote this actor of adding quarterly marker days in his book.

As with everything else, we must go back to the Torah for our original instruction. Isaiah told us this fact 7 times!


Will Noah’s flood account uphold the book of Enoch?

Or will Noah show that the book of Enoch came long after the Torah?

The Underachiever!

Did it occur to you that the same problem occurred in both the lunar-based system and the quarterly addition system proposed by the Book of Enoch?

They both had serious underachievement problems. Accounting accurately is just not within the scope of the deviser of these two systems.

Who is the UNDERACHIEVER? Who creates carnage with YaHuWaH’s Word by convoluting, twisting, and warping the message?

One last questionWhich Enoch is the likely father of such confusion?  Is it:

  1. Enoch the man who walked with YaHuWaH? (Gen 5:24) Or
  2. Enoch the son of Cain? (Gen 4:17)


My friend, you the reader:

Set before you are 3 choices:

Two have serious Scriptural alignment problems that cannot be overcome and still stay within the Torah guidelines.

Two choices can be discarded permanently.

Only one system aligns perfectly with the Scriptural documentation.

While I will not tell you what to decide I will definitely tell you my personal decision.

For myself, I choose the Eternal Calendar that aligns with the Scriptures starting with Genesis 1, through Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Mosheh, Joshua, Samuel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and the list goes on.

This Eternal Calendar exposes with brilliant clarity the details of Yahusha living out the Torah, word for word, no detail left untouched.

May YaHuWaH bless you always, giving you wisdom overflowing.

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