The Calendar Of All Calendars

Introduction: Blueprint for the Bride

YaHuWaH’s Eternal Calendar

There are many calendars in this world, and many more religious calendars – all claiming to be the ‘right calendar’ to propose how YaHuWaH’s Calendar can be accurately found.

This study will be based on the Eternal Calendar rooted in the Torah.

Prayerfully Ponder The Following Information

Considering Scriptural Titles & Expressions

Note: The calendar studies prefer to use the Scared Name above all else. However, the next few slides use KJV language for a very specific reason. Please enjoy.

Wedding of All Weddings

What is this Wedding of Weddings?

Matt 22:3 And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding.

Longing for my beloved

Song of Songs 5:13

His cheeks are like beds of spice to me.

I will put on my best clothes and gather a bouquet of heavenly thoughts of my Beloved because I find all loveliness and joy in Him.

I see His cheeks so often bedewed with tears of sympathy; then so cruelly beaten with a rod and defiled with my spittle.

Ah! That cheek smiles at me with the most fragrant mercy towards my heart.

My Beloved, You did not hide Your face from shame and spitting.

I will always find my dearest delight in praising You!

Yes, Your cheeks were crimsoned with blood from your thorn-crowned temples.

It is these marks of boundless love that attract my soul far more than beds of scented herbs.

Oh, if I may not see the whole of my Beloved’s face, then I would be content to behold His cheeks.

For the slightest glimpse of Him is exceedingly refreshing and yields to my spirit a variety of delights!

In my Beloved, I find not only fragrance, but beds of spice. Not from one flower but all kinds of sweet flowers.

He is my rose and my lily, my violet and my cluster of henna.

When You are with me, my soul goes forth to wash its happy face in the morning dew of Your grace.

If I may not see the whole of Your face, allow me to behold Your cheeks!

Oh my precious Beloved, I long for You!

Let me truly know the blessedness that dwells in abiding through unbroken fellowship with You until that Wedding Day of all weddings in the universe!

Yes! I Will Come!

(Thoughts taken from May 1 reading of Day by Day with the Best of Spurgeon by Dolores Coupland, 2010)

That is why this study will be called The Calendar of All Calendars!

Taking a very brief look at the Eternal Calendar of Moses.

Some Incredible Confusion

There are so many different Scriptural calendars out there, how can anyone know which one is right?

  1. Some begin their calendar with the moon date closest to the equinox or equilux.
  2. Other calendars begin with the first moon date after the equinox or equilux.
  3. Some say the moon phase must be the sighting of the first sliver.
  4. Others contend the moon phase must be in conjunction – of the ‘dark moon’ phase.
  5. Still others are just sure the moon must be a full moon to begin the calendar month.
  6. And the list goes on and on with dozens of ways!
  7. 1st Assessment: All these calendars cannot be right! (Equinox and equilux are certainly different!)
  8. 2nd Assessment: All of these calendars could be completely wrong!

Is there a solution to this dilemma?

Some Important Questions

  • There are so many different [Scriptural] calendars out there, how are we supposed to know which one is right?
  • For day-start: Some calendars follow sunset, midnight, sunrise and dawn twilight. How can we be sure what to follow?
  • For month-start: There are so many variations using the moon, how can one know which variation is right?
  • For Year-start: Between all the different combinations, can the year begin either before or after the equinox? Or equilux? Surely every combination can’t be right?
  • For weeks Sabbath-star: There are many varieties now! Who can sort out this problem? (Lunar Sabbaths?)
  • All of these calendar issues are affected in many different ways, which also tampers with the proper commencement times for the Appointed Times of worship. Is there really a solution?
  • Yes, Moses has the answer in his Torah. All the answers are firmly given in YaHuWaH’s Covenant.

Where is YaHuWaH’s Covenant Found?

  • YaHuWaH’s Eternal Calendar is well grounded in Genesis and Exodus.
  • Day <yowm> is given on the first day of creation. Gen 1:1-5.
  • Month <chodesh> is found in Gen 7-8.
  • First 3 months (including appointed times) found in Exodus 3:20
  • Year <shaneh & [spring] tequfah>: Exo 12:2.

Outline for Understanding YaHuWaH’s Eternal Calendar

Calendar Day Start:

  1. Gen 1: First day of Creation
  2. Lev 23: Day of Atonement (vs 26-32)

Calendar Month Count:

  1. Gen 7-8: Noah and the Flood Account
  2. Exo 12: 1st Mon – Passover from Egypt
  3. Exo 16: 2nd Mon – First Manna Week
  4. Exo 19: 3rd Mon – Pentecost at Mt Sinai

Calendar Year Start:

  1. Exo 12: “tequfah” [Equinox]

Calendar’s Relationship to the Moon:

  1. Old Testament Study: “To Moon Or Not To Moon!”

Moses preserved the Eternal Calendar with his writings in the Torah.

Understanding Day Start From Torah

  1. Gen 1: 1st day of Creation
  2. Gen 15: Abram’s Covenant with YaHuWaH
  3. Gen 19: Lot and his Daughters
  4. Gen 31: Laban & Jacob
  5. Ex 10: Locust Plague
  6. Ex 12: Passover of Egypt
  7. Ex 14: Red Sea Crossing
  8. Ex 16: Quail and Manna
  9. Ex 19: Pentecost at Mt Sinai
  10. Lev 7: Permission for Eating
  11. Lev 23: Day of Atonement
  12. Num 9: Passover in the 2nd Month

Where is the best place to begin to understand the Eternal Calendar study?

That is a very good question. The best place to begin is ‘at the beginning!’

Instruction From King Dawid

Ps 90:12 [KJV] So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hears unto wisdom.

If we know how to count out YaHuWaH’s days correctly, then we can easily count the whole Eternal Calendar.

For Calendar: “Learn to Count” These Days

1-3½… “midst of the week”

1-7… to weekly Sabbath

1-30… to end of one month

1-50… Firstfruits to Pentecost

1-12… to number months of the year

1-360… one full year of 12 months

After 360… learn to wait for equinox to reset the year.

Eternal Calendar in a Nutshell

DAY:  Gen 1:1-5 (Day begins with LIGHT, not sunset, etc.)

MONTH:  Gen 7:11 2nd Month & 17th day; Gen 7:24 & 8:3 150 days *(5 months of 30 days each); Gen 8:4 7th Month and 17th day (month count of 1-30 begins the day after the equinox.)

YEAR:  Exo 12:2 (Year/shaneh) Spring Equinox/tequfah; Acts 7:22 Moses wat trained in all the wisdom of the Egyptians; Exo 9:31 Barley struck; Exo 34:22 (Fall Equinox/tequfah) (Calendar Year has 360 days; resets with equinox.)

Commands of Moses

Deut 4:19 (vs 15-19) [no gazing at any heavenly bodies]

Deut 17:2-5 [Death penalty by stoning: vs 4-5]

Prov 18:13 He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.

Prov 25:2 It is the glory of YaHuWaH to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. KJV

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rYm Covenant

To the Torah and to the witness! If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because they have no daybreak [light]. Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 8:20


tikvahshua · November 29, 2019 at 8:51 pm

Shalom Ron and Marlize, this is Michael, I also have wondered about what Job 38 brings up with ‘Can you bring out the Mazzaroth in their season and Ayish to comfort her sons?’ Now I know most translations say guiding Arcturus with his sons, but it is her sons not his in the Hebrew. So we have twelve constellations and and they are such as would know their time to come out. We are not to worship the sun, moon, or the stars, it does say that they were made for signs, appointed times, days and years. So the sun and stars were made for that purpose. I have questioned the moon for some time but there are a couple verses in Psalms that do bring up the moon. Then Moshe was hidden for three moons it says and the word is yareach and not chodesh.

I understand that Noach did use the 30 day count which would put the moon at a disadvantage. I do believe the tequfah does play a huge part for the beginning of the year and the years end.

    rYm Covenant · November 30, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    Shalom Michael, we appreciate your comment, thank you so much.

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