It is most important for believers to know what Scripture teaches about WHAT or WHO this OIL or OINTMENT is. For it is a spiritual element without which we cannot live in this day and age.

I am convinced that the OIL (Shemen) that the five wise virgins possessed, and¬†that the five foolish virgins did not possess was the Jar / Container (His Name) in¬†which the actual OIL (Anointing or Spirit) was stored. Remember that Yahusha told¬†this parable with regard to these last days in which we are living today. The foolish¬†virgins thought they had oil. They most probably did have some oil in a jar or cruse –¬†(the name Jesus?) with some rancid oil (another spirit or anointing) in it that was¬†not suitable, and would therefore not burn and provide light in the believer’s heart. What does Scripture teach about this lamp?

The spirit (heart) of a man is the lamp of YaHuWaH,

searching all his inmost parts.

(Proverbs 20:27)

For You Yourself light my lamp

YaHuWaH my Elohim enlightens my darkness

(Psalm 18:28)

A believer’s lamp will only be lit by YaHuWaH if it is filled with the OIL that comes¬†from the Jar of the Bridegroom’s Name. This Jar will never become empty. Please¬†read the account of the widow and how the prophet Elijah (Eliyahu – my Mighty¬†One is YaHuWaH) prophesied that the OIL (Ruach) in her Jar (the Name Yahusha)¬†would never dry up. This OIL sustained her and her family throughout the famine. It¬†was also their protection, healing and source of life. (1Kings 17)

This widow had the right Jar (the Name) with the right OIL (Ruach) therein. She¬†knew the Name of Elohim and had the liberty to use it. The prophet did not need to¬†teach her about it. When he came to her she recognized him as the prophet of¬†YaHuWaH, and His Name flowed through her lips. (v12). But in her thinking, YaHuWaH was the prophet’s Elohim, not hers. Therefore she had no idea of the power and¬†authority of this Name and the anointing (OIL) it contained. This was the TRUTH¬†that the prophet would teach her during his sojourn in her home. It is the same¬†TRUTH that the Ruach (Spirit) is in the process of teaching the potential Bride in¬†these last days. Are you and I, dear reader, going to be wise or foolish and¬†unteachable virgins?

Yahusha (The Name Bearer, Joh.5:43) told this parable as a serious warning to us¬†who are living in these last days. Fact is, only 50% of the bridesmaids were ready.¬†They were prepared, not because they kept the Torah, but because they had the¬†correct vessel (JAR) of OIL. This is the OIL (Ruach) that will burn in the lamp of¬†our hearts to enlighten the narrow Torah Path for us. Without His Ruach there is no¬†LIGHT in order for us to “see” the narrow Path and so remain on it.

We know, according to Song of Songs, the Bridegroom’s Name is the JAR of OIL.

Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth,
for Your loves are better than wine.
For fragrance Your oils are good.
Your Name is OIL poured forth,
Therefore the maidens love You.
(Songs 1:2-3)

The King James Version added the word “as”. I have left it out for it does not¬†appear in the Hebrew of Songs 1:3. Therefore the Bridegroom’s Name is literally¬†spiritual OIL or OINTMENT. In other words, there can be no OIL (Ruach) without¬†the JAR that contains this Anointing of the Spirit. (John 14:26). If we carried with us¬†on our spiritual journey “another name” or jar of oil, it would be most presumptuous¬†of us to expect Ruach to use that rancid and unclean oil to burn in our lamps.

It is most significant that the Hebrew word Shem (Name) and the word Ruach
(Spirit) have the same numerical place-value of 34.

SHIN 21, MEM 13 = 34
RESH 20, UAU 6, CHET 8 = 34

Mashiach’s (Messiah) Name and His Spirit are thus synonymous as Songs 1:3¬†teaches. When His Name is poured forth (spoken with love, respect and trust out of¬†a believing heart), then His Ruach will be poured forth at the same time. This is¬†why it is so important to know and be on intimate terms with His true Name.

Oil is something that is impossible to store without a container. It stays inside its jar until it is needed. The prophet Shemuel (Name of our EL), when YaHuWaH sent him to ANOINT David (Beloved) as the new king of Yisra’El, he took a horn of oil with¬†him. It was YaHuWaH’s specific instruction to him. When the future king was revealed¬†to him, he ANOINTED him.

Let’s read three verses of that wonderful happening:
And YaHuWaH said to Shemuel,
How long will you mourn for Saul,
seeing I have rejected him from reigning
over Israel? FILL YOUR HORN WITH OIL, (Shemen)
and go, I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite:
for I have provided Me a king among his sons.

And YaHuWaH said, Arise, ANOINT him: for this is he.
Then Shemuel took the HORN of OIL, and ANOINTED him
in the midst of his brothers: AND THE RUACH (SPIRIT) OF YAHUWAH

David began his beloved Psalm 23 with the Name: YaHuWaH is my Shepherd, I¬†shall want for nothing… As a result of the Ruach within the Name he can say: He¬†leads me in the paths of righteousness (Torah) for His Name’s sake. He testifies¬†that in this dangerous world full of enemies seeking his demise, he will not fear: For¬†You are with me… He actually feasts with his Deliverer in the midst of his enemies.¬†All these blessings just because his head was ANOINTED with OIL (Ruach) until¬†his cup overflowed.

The Container, Jar or Horn in which the OIL of YaHuWaH’s Ruach is stored, is the¬†Name of Yahusha, the Bridegroom. It is so important for us to understand this¬†truth, to accept it with the whole heart, and above all to apply it every day.

But the Comforter, which is the Set-apart Spirit,
whom the whom the Father will send IN(side) My Name,
He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your
remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

I am of the opinion that the five foolish virgins did have jars of oil. But they did not¬†have the right Jar representing the true Name, and therefore had another spirit that¬†could not burn in the lamp of the heart to give pure LIGHT. A strange name is also¬†strange incense. It was of course forbidden in Torah to offer strange incense upon¬†the altar of YaHuWaH, (Ex.30:9). Aaron’s two sons offered “strange fire” on the altar,¬†and died for this action, (Lev.10:1).

In Renewed Covenant context we are exhorted:
By Him (Yahusha) therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise
to Elohim (YaHuWaH) continually, that is, THE FRUIT OF

We cannot, we dare not, bring Him a sacrifice of praise by honouring a false name. The name Jesus is strange incense! It is not His English name. A name remains the same in every language. The name that is honoured throughout Christendom is a strange name that produces strange incense. It is a name that has caused the Torah walk to be despised as legalism.

During the past three to four decades, the Ruach has, throughout the world, been¬†busy exposing the lie of this “strange incense”, while at the same time accelerating¬†the revelation of the beautiful fragrance of His true Name. Let us fill our lamps with¬†the OIL (Shemen) – the powerful, precious, Spirit-filled Name of our Mashiach (the¬†Anointed One) Yahusha.

In conclusion, too late the five foolish virgins discovered that they did not have¬†intimate knowledge of the Bridegroom’s Name and thus with Him. With horror they¬†realized that they could not share in the wise virgin’s intimacy, even though they¬†attempted to by asking them for some of their OIL. Neither could the wise virgins,¬†though they wanted to, give away some of their own intimacy with the Name of the¬†Bridegroom. It is impossible. A way of life cannot be shared. Yes, the truth of it can¬†be shared verbally, but every individual believer must develop and live their own¬†intimacy with the Bridegroom, through the guidance of the Ruach, in the authority¬†of the Name of their Saviour. The Name of Yahusha must become every believer’s¬†very own lifestyle. Without it a person, even though he or she may have attempted¬†to walk the Path of Torah, will hear the terrible words: Truly I say unto you, I know¬†(intimacy) you not… Mat.25:12.

To really and truly know a person, means to also know that person’s name. How¬†many precious people are throwing away intimacy with the ONE who loves them so¬†much, because they want nothing to do with the Name that His Spirit is in the¬†process of restoring true knowledge of, throughout the world? How very tragic!

Speaking the truth in love

This article was written and shared with us by our beloved brother Johann Moller from South Africa.

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