The Song Of Joshua’s Sickle Part 2

Yahusha’s ‘Anti-type’

Is it based on Enoch’s Sickle?


Under Moses, only 2 Passovers were celebrated. There was likely no grain in the desert those 40 years!

Just imagine what it must have been like to finally smell the new grain and touch it!

In Egypt, unleavened bread was to be eaten with the Passover meal. Some feel Joshua allowed the people to process the old grain in order to have unleavened bread for the Passover meal saving the new grain for the Wave Sheaf!

Is this so?

Remember the Command of Leviticus 23:14?!

And you [WHAT] DO NOT EAT bread or roasted grain or fresh grain

This command includes old and new grain – barley and wheat!

Manna for Passover – one more time!

Section #3

Just when did the Manna cease?

For Yisra’El, who ate the grain of the land of Abib 15, there would be NO reason to look for manna on Abib 16 – the 2nd cycle of the week!

What about Enoch’s Calendar?

Remember Enoch’s quote?

1/26: First Fruits (Waving of the Sheaf offering)

The Sickle’s FIRST Harvest, as claimed by Enoch’s Calendar, asserts the Wave Sheaf offering of First Fruits (for the count to Shavuot) cannot be performed until Abib 26 (hungry or not)!

While Joshua was quite able to fulfill the Torah’s requirements concerning the Feast of Unleavened Bread; the rules of Enoch’s Calendar would have prevented Joshua from obedience to YaHuWaH causing everyone to sin as well!

How hungry would they have been, having to wait until Abib 26 to eat and enjoy any of the harvest?!

This is Enoch’s Dilemma – not Joshua’s!

  1. Enoch’s harvest could not begin until Abib 26!
  2. Enoch’s people could not eat any grain until the Abib 26 harvest begins.
  3. Enoch could not eat unleavened bread as commanded by YaHuWaH, during the Feast of Unleavened Bread! NO GRAIN AND NO MANNA!
  4. Enoch could only claim Abib 15 for eating manna. (Then what? Hunger?) Would that be one day of ‘Feast of Unleavened Manna’ for ULB week?
  5. Does Enoch believe the people should have been tempted by YaHuWaH to abstain from the coveted grain (which they had not eaten in 40 years) for 11 more days, (to Abib 26) before they could begin Enoch’s harvest and satisfy their hunger?

How many statutes have been broken?

Section #4

If Joshua observed the Wave Sheaf Festival according to Enoch’s Calendar, what would be the condition of the bread if not offered until Abib 26?

What kind of problem will this create?

We now know there was a restriction for eating grain of any kind until after the Wave Sheaf had been presented. That is why Joshua performed the Wave Sheaf according to the statute, so they could eat the first batch of bread dough on Abib 15 – the morrow AFTER the H7676 Shabbat. (Passover is not an ‘annual’ Shabbat, but in this year Abib 14 was observed on the H7676 Shabbat.)

The people were then allowed to freely use the grain of the land!

What is the difference between Enoch and Joshua?

It is the difference between a ‘date’ and/or a ‘day’.

A ‘date’ and/or a ‘day’ are usually not the same!

Random Example: The 15th day of the 1st month is not always on a 4th cycle (or a Wednesday) like it is on Enoch’s Calendar.

Joshua knew Torah’s Wave Sheaf was always on the ‘day’ after the H7676 Shabbat, whatever ‘date’ that may be.

Enoch demands that his Wave Sheaf ceremony MUST be on a certain DATE!

The DATE being the 26th of the 1st month.

Let’s see how it plays out!

The Enoch Calendar claims the Wave Sheaf must be performed on Abib 26 – not any other date. Therefore: If Enoch follows the Torah guidelines, no grain can be touched until the Abib 26 Wave Sheaf.

Does this mean that Joshua broke the Torah statute by defiantly eating the grain of the land on Abib 15 (Joshua 5:11)?

Was Joshua really supposed to STORE A PORTION of the FIRST batch of dough, until Abib 26 (Enoch) – 11 cycles later – to honor Enoch’s Wave Sheaf ceremony?

#4.1 Divine Life of the Wave Sheaf Bread

Would it really be acceptable to offer YaHuWaH bread dough that was 11 days old ???

Or did Joshua perform a 2nd Wave Sheaf ceremony so there could be ‘acceptable bread’?

Where would that Scripture be?

Patience! It’s coming!

What is with these ’11 days’?

Also, we must remember (Lev 23:13) that the oil mixed with flour is a DOUGH! A moist dough! It is not dry bread! Moist dough – in the desert heat!

Where do we see Scriptural authority for Joshua’s actions?

Where is it written?

Four Witnesses:

  • Lev 23:10-13
  • Num 15:19-21
  • Deut 18:3,4; 26:1,2

The Scriptures tell us unequivocally that presenting the Wave Sheaf and eating of the grain of the land (bread) must be done consecutively, and ‘on the same day’. That is exactly what Joshua did on Abib 15.

Enoch claims the Wave Sheaf and eating of the bread is only performed on Abib 26!

How can ‘the same day’ be both Abib 15 and 26?

Remember, Joshua declares: By Torah Statute, Abib 15is always the Unleavened Bread Festival. When Wave Sheaf is also on Abib 15, the Unleavened Bread Festival is always celebrated AFTER the Wave Sheaf Festival.

Or will YaHuWaH accept bread 11 cycles old?

  • 1 Chron 9:32 confirms YaHuWaH’s statute of limitations for the Sanctuary Set-Apart Bread was 7
  • The new showbread was to be prepared every Shabbat to replace the former week’s 7 cycle old showbread – Lev 24:8.

Remember: Bread Dough is moist and very prone to mold in a warm climate!

Is it reasonable that YaHuWaH would accept 11 cycle old stale, and/or moldy bread dough as the Wave Sheaf offering?

Huge Enoch Dilemma

Enoch rightly places the Unleavened Bread Festival on Abib 15-21.

  1. Abib 15 is the last day the manna is given (Josh 5:12).
  2. Enoch always places Wave Sheaf on Abib 26 – in this case, 11 days late!
  3. According to Torah, the grain of the land cannot be touched for any reason until after the Wave Sheaf ceremony.
  4. How is Enoch supposed to celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread, (eating unleavened bread from Abib 15-21 as one of the statutes) – and NOT be in violation of cutting the grain before the Wave Sheaf cycle?
  5. Is Enoch truthfully fulfilling the Torah ‘type’ in preparation for THE ‘anti-type’ which represents the first heavenly ascension of Yahusha?

We shall see!

Section #5

Did Yahusha observe the Wave Sheaf/First Fruit requirements according to Enoch’s Calendar stipulations?

Could Yahusha abide by either a Zadok or Enoch DATE for His ascension?


Abib 26 was the 2nd morrow in the next week – OUTSIDE OF THE UNLEAVENED BREAD FESTIVAL!

Who then attempts to give Enoch/Zadok the right to claim that the Wave Sheaf of First Fruits must be on Abib 26?

  1. For 1500+ years this statute was rehearsed according to Torah so the people would know the PROPHETIC VALUE of this special festival, as a very permanent marker for the True Messiah and His ascension.
  2. For Joshua: His First Portion of Dough becomes seriously outdated by Abib 25?!
  3. For Yahusha: Fulfilling Enoch’s claim for First Fruit offering on Abib 26th of the month AND the 2nd cycle of the week (Monday), is surely BREAKING THE STATUES of YaHuWaH!

#5.1: Yahusha – THE Perfect First Fruit Offering

What about Yahusha being the PERFECT offering of the Wave Sheaf fulfillment?

Yahusha, the PERFECT First Fruit, the victory over death?!

After His resurrection, Yahusha, in the darkness of the 4th watch, restricted Mary of Magdala from touching Him when they met. Yahusha could not be defiled by a human prior to presenting Himself to YaHuWaH as the First Fruit offering, the PERFECT (Exo 12:5) ULTIMATE SACRIFICE to fulfill the Wave Sheaf Feast offering.

Was Yahusha really a PERFECT Wave Sheaf offering (NOT CONTAMINATED BY HUMANS)?

Yes! PERFECTION is important to YaHuWaH!

Lev 23:12 ‘And on that day when you wave the sheaf, you shall prepare a male lamb a year old, A PERFECT ONE, as a burnt offering to YaHuWaH. (A second witness!)

Question: Where in the Scriptures do we find that Yahusha took specific action to preserve Himself as the PURE First Fruit offering for the Wave Sheaf presentation?

If a human had touched (CONTAMINATED – Num 19:11-16) Yahusha prior to presenting Himself as the Perfect Sacrifice –

  1. THEN Yahusha would have FAILED YaHuWaH’s Plan of Salvation.
  2. THEN Yahusha would no longer qualify as The Mashiach!
  3. THEN consequently by default, upon the tree when Yahusha declared ‘It has been accomplished’, that would have been a TOTAL FALSEHOOD!

DISQUALIFIED? = No Mashiach and No Salvation!

Note: Yahusha having FULFILLED the First Fruit offering for Wave Sheaf at early Dawn, returned from His presentation before YaHuWaH. He then readily accepted the adoration and worship of His followers; willingly accepting their touch!

Mark 16:2 [The ladies with their spices came at sunrise to visit the tomb].

Matt 28:9 [The ladies departed after hearing the good news from the messenger that Yahusha had risen].

Matt 28:9 And as they were going to report to His taught ones, see, Yahusha met them, saying,  “ Greetings!” And they came and held Him by the feet and did bow to Him.

After returning from the courts of Heaven, Yahusha could now accept physical contact from His children.

  • What Divine Event had occurred allowing Him human touch?
  • Had Yahusha already presented Himself in the courts of Heaven to YaHuWaH as the PURE FIRST FRUIT offering, fulfilling the ‘anti-type’ Wave Sheaf statute? (Lev 23:10-14)
  • Recall this: the date of the first cycle of the week after His resurrection as Abib 18! (Zadok/Enoch, are you paying attention!)

What would be the situation with Enoch and Zadok Abib 26!

At this point of Abib 18, with Yahusha being ‘contaminated’ by human touch, He would still have 9 cycles to complete before fulfilling the Zadok proclaimed Wave Sheaf festival of the First Fruit offering on Abib 26!

Question: As Yahusha did not find it acceptable to be ‘contaminated’ by human touch before performing the Scriptural First Fruit offering on Abib 18 …

Who then could possibly have qualified as the PURE FIRST FRUIT offering on Enoch’s/Zadok’s Abib 26 Wave Sheaf Festival?


No Mashiach = NO SALVATION!

Enoch = Zadok??

Also; Ponder This

When Yahusha mingled with society after His resurrection, {in the 9 ‘extra’ days leading up to Enoch’s supposed Abib 26 Wave Sheaf Festival}, is it even possible that Yahusha could have remained UNCONTAMINATED?

Could it be satan (the father of lies) is promoting these evil Zadok – Enoch Calendar deceptions to disqualify our Salvation?

Is following the Torah perfectly and completely a ‘salvation issue’?

Summary Questions for Section #5

  1. Can Zadok and Enoch justify from the Scriptures, SEPARATING the Eating of the First bread dough, from the Waving action of the First Fruit Wave Sheaf offering ‘ON THE SAME DAY’?
  2. Can Zadok and Enoch justify from the Scriptures using 11-day old bread dough as an offering to YaHuWaH (that is if it was not moldy, stale and dried up yet)?
  3. Can Zadok and Enoch justify from the Scriptures how it is that Yahusha could observe the Wave Sheaf day on the 2nd cycle of the week?
  4. Can Zadok and Enoch justify breaking the statutes by using the grain to feed the Yisraelite nation for 11 cycles until Abib 26? Why? By reason of the manna ceasing the day after the Passover, and the fruit and vegetables had only started to grow!?
  5. Can Zadok and Enoch justify breaking the statues by using the grain of the land to fulfill the statute for eating the unleavened bread during the Fest from Abib 15 to 21?

A Question for Enoch and Zadok!

Does YaHuWaH accept breaking His statutes to fulfill a counterfeit one?

And now for the FINAL and BRUTALLY IMPORTANT ENOCH discrepancy of Part #2

  1. And the greatest challenge of all for Enoch and Zadok’s HUGE Scriptural challenges! Can they find:
  1. to legally present to YaHuWaH
  2. on a NON-SCRIPTURAL Abib 26?


Let’s revisit the slide of calendars one more time!

Part #2 exposed many more errors in Enoch’s Calendar. Some of the areas to be discussed in Part #3 are:

  • Does the Feast of Weeks Count begin on Abib 15th or 26th?
  • The harvest of Abib 15 – Barley or Wheat?
  • What is Enoch’s Real Reason for adhering to Abib 26 and his calendar counting error?

Will Enoch find justification without errors?

Would Enoch have made these mistakes if he had studied Joshua’s testimony?

We shall see!

Continue to Part 3

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