In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth. And the earth came to be formless and empty, and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Elohim was moving on the face of the waters. And Elohim said (Word), “Let light come to be,” and light came to be. Berĕshith (Genesis) 1:1‭-‬3

who is the likeness of the invisible Elohim, the first-born of all creation. Qolasim (Colossians) 1:15

“I have esteemed You on the earth, having accomplished the work You have given Me that I should do. “And now, esteem Me with Yourself, Father, with the esteem which I had with You before the world was. “I have revealed Your Name to the men whom You gave Me out of the world. They were Yours, and You gave them to Me, and they have guarded Your Word. Yoḥanan (John) 17:4‭-‬6

“And this is the parable: The seed is the word of Elohim. Luqas (Luke) 8:11

“What if you see the Son of Man (seed of Elohim) going up where He was before? It is the Spirit that gives life, the flesh does not profit at all. The words that I speak to you are Spirit and are life.
Yoḥanan (John) 6:62‭-‬63

יהושע answered him, “If anyone loves Me, he shall guard My Word. And My Father shall love him, and We shall come to him and make Our stay with him

“He who does not love Me does not guard My Words. And the Word which you hear is not Mine but of the Father Who sent Me. “These Words I have spoken to you while still with you. “But the Helper, the Set-apart Spirit, whom the Father shall send in My Name, He shall teach you all, and remind you of all that I said to you. John 14:23-26

so is My Word that goes forth from My mouth – it does not return to Me empty, but shall do what I please, and shall certainly accomplish what I sent it for. Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 55:11

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rYm Covenant

To the Torah and to the witness! If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because they have no daybreak [light]. Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 8:20


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